Danville Signal's dspSoMâ„¢ 589 is the easiest way to incorporate Analog Devices' most powerful SHARC and ARM processor, the ADSP-SC589. The dspSoM 589 provides you with a comprehensive platform for efficient development and production, and is ideal for fast time to market of high performance audio and industrial products. 

Info on the dspSoM 589 


Danville engineers use CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) and ADI Emulators (ICE) everyday. We understand development. So, if you have a need for CCES or an ICE, please consider us as your one-stop shop for ADI tools. We certainly would appreciate your order.

Analog Devices Development Tools

Danville Signal is your technology partner for high performance audio. We work with OEM/ODMs to create DSP enabled crossovers, high quality headphone DACs using USB Audio Class 2 and multichannel delivery systems.

You can find our solutions in well known studio monitors, high end consumer loudspeakers, headphone DACs and large acoustic space loudspeaker arrays.

The dspMusik 2/8 is a popular example. It is a stereo in, eight out multichannel DAC platform, suitable for high performance DSP loudspeaker crossovers, music decoders and many other high quality audio algorithm applications. An LCD/Encoder provides source selection, volume control and access to special features. You can also use an Apple Remote for control.

High Performance Audio

Danville Signal Processing, Inc. has been supplying tone suppression (tone notching) systems to the US FAA since 1998.
These systems help protect the hearing of our air traffic controllers.  

Tone Suppression 


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